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  1. The Dream

    A visit to the public aquarium… a memory of a childhood tank… a friend’s beautiful reef… it’s hard to say what sparks one’s desire to bring an aquatic ecosystem home, except that it will all too frequently turn into a lifelong passion. The first step towards realizing this dream is to come visit our showroom, and see the examples of living art we can provide. A subsequent onsite consultation will allow us to crystallize your vision, whether it be working with an interior designer to renovate an existing wall or with an architect to bring the centerpiece to your new home.


  1. The Proposal

    Our proposal is it what sets us apart from every other custom aquarium business. Having seen the space or reviewed your architect’s drawings, we can provide in excruciating detail exactly how we intend to bring together your aquarium. The proposal is complete – it includes the aquarium made of the finest materials by the best craftsmen, state-of-the-art lighting and filtration, a complete aquascape, and installation. Each detail no matter how miniscule is accurately highlighted and priced so you know exactly when and how we intend to install your aquarium.


  1. The Design

    Having accepted our proposal, you will now witness the decades of experience and expertise of the House of Fins design team. Everything is planned, noted, and drawn exactly as it will appear in your home or office – electrical diagrams, plumbing, HVAC specifications, shop drawings. We also review other trades’ drawings to ensure that all of the details have been picked up – no facet is too minor to be excluded, no factor too small to be overlooked. You will know exactly how everything works, where it will go, what it will look like, and when it will be finished.


  1. Collaboration

    A custom aquarium installation by nature requires several parties to work closely together, and our decades of experience allow us to collaborate flawlessly with our partners, architects, designers, decorators, contractors, and all of their subcontractors. The exacting nature of our design lends itself well to this step – after you’ve planned as carefully as we have mistakes and miscommunication are marginalized.


  1. Installation

    The day has come. Your tank is here. The installation and preparation of your custom aquarium is handled by our expert staff of maintenance professionals, with years of experience establishing stunning aquariums. Everything fits seamlessly; everything plumbed neatly and efficiently; everything wired correctly. The aquascape having been previously planned is now executed to your desires. The tank is filled and the switch is flipped. Everything is exactly as you planned it to be.


  1. The Dream Realized

    A properly installed and maintained aquarium isn’t like a static piece of art on the wall; it is a constantly flowing, growing, swirling, miniature ecosystem brought to life in your own home or business. You invested in your custom aquarium for this very reason – that every day, every moment was a new, beautiful natural experience, to share with family, friends, clients, coworkers. You looked for the best, and House of Fins was proud to give you the best on time and on budget. Enjoy your new aquarium, it will give you decades of pleasure.


Interested in what  unique aquatic environment we can craft for you? Leave us a note and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.